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Healthy Home Inspections

The page on Healthy Homes Standards requirements contains details about the five key compliance requirements. These standards are now part the 2019 Residential Tenancies Regulations, which became law on July 2019. This requirement requires landlords to block open fireplaces or chimneys unless tenants and landlords agree otherwise. An appropriately sized extractor fan or rangehood must be installed kitchens above an indoor cooktop, and in rooms with a bath or shower.

Generally this means a piled foundation type with a concrete ring foundation wall system. Buy, Sell Or Rent With Confidence With A Healthy Home Report From RedLBP. There must be efficient drainage for the removal of storm, surface, and groundwater.

Why Is Healthy Homes Compliance So Important ?

He heard that some property management companies are pushing compliance and even threatening to stop non-compliant properties. Read more about describes it here. properties on their books For example, a stronger heat pump will need to be installed or a moisture barrier will need to be put in because they are not required by the Building Code. A “pass” rate was 76% for moisture barriers, 74% for heating, 67% for drainage and guttering, and only 46% for draughts.

Real Estate Institute acting chief executive Wendy Alexander says the Government needs to address confusion around methamphetamine testing sooner rather than later. High compliance with the ventilation standard was also achieved with a 96% pass rate. Some standards were more adhered to than others. Matt Mason, managing director of Betta Property Compliance, said there were six standards to follow and each had a variety of complex criteria to meet. A report states that around 28,000 New Zealand homes are always damp and have visible mold. Once samples are taken and sent to the laboratory it takes 2 working days to complete the testing .

What Are The Healthy Homes Standards And How Can We Help?

Queenstown’s compliance inspection “pass” rates for healthy homes are the highest in the nation. Landlords are responsible for maintaining and improving the quality of their rental properties. These standards will ensure landlords have safer, more secure properties and lower maintenance costs. All draughts must be prevented from rental properties by closing any gaps or holes in walls, ceilings windows, floors, skylights, doors, and windows.

If you have mould present or are worried about an area of your property that could be causing a significant health risk, a mould test from a Betta Property Consultant would be prudent. All mould samples are analysed by an IANZ accredited laboratory. Do not let mould affect your health. Get it tested to ensure your safety. We will update your certificate of compliance with the name of the supplier and the date that the work was completed. Please note, that any liability for the completed work remains with the company or landlord undertaking all necessary construction.

Standard For Drainage And Moisture Ingress

When you sign new Tenancy Agreements, the property must meet the 5 Healthy Homes Standards within the first 90 days. The New Zealand Green Building Council created HomeFit in collaboration with the housing sector. It aims to help people assess the health of their homes and to support them in making the necessary changes. Some moulds can be toxic, so it is important to test for them. Healthy Home Inspections uses the latest testing equipment and highly trained staff to offer you some of the most reliable meth testing in NZ.

What is low income in NZ?

f) Low income: less than 60% median equivalised disposable household income after housing costs (AHC) for the financial year. g) Low income: less than 50% median equivalised disposable household income after housing costs (AHC) for the financial year.