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Every one of you is aware of the country of Egypt. We hear many stories of Egyptian mummies and the pharaohs of it. Many movies are made on the mysterious life the kings of it. The most mysterious thing mystery of which is still not revealed is the pyramids. They are in the seven wonders made by humans. There are many more mysterious things present there like the technique of restoring the mummies by which they are still in good condition after thousands of years. The one thing which is as much famous as the mummies is the Nile River. This is known as the most pious river for the peoples of Egypt, Ethiopia and many other countries where it is flowing. It is also the longest flowing river on the earth. These are the just little information about the vast culture and mystery of older civilization of Egypt. If I will start writing on it then this article will become short of words but the whole information will not able to provide to you. So, you can Google for all such related information you will get everything regarding it. So, I am coming to the topic that why I am explaining all these things to you because the review of today’s game is full of all such things.

That was a story of 2011 when I was on a cruise trip to Singapore. On it a tourist was travelling with me who recently came back from Egypt and sharing their experiences of the journey. He told that he enjoyed a lot boating in the Nile River. I hear all the things he was narrating and then a curiosity appeared in me that I also want to go there. I opened my phone started searching for the tour possibilities there. There I got a link showcasing the name Treasure Nile. I assumed that this site will be of any tour operator but that is a website of casino and that name is of a slot game. I played some of them in my previous visit to Australia so I was very much aware of all these. I postponed my plan of searching about the tour and decided to play it. I read the review given by the users, all comments are positive not a single one was negative. The theme of it took me back to the ancient lost world. I was aware about it playing rules, but I preferred the option of free play. Would you believe that in my fifth chance I hot to the jackpot chance? I lost in that, but my journey on it was so much exciting that I was not able to keep myself far from it. I just loved it.

And if you are more into famous slots then you can easily find various easily, i decided to look for some, which got me to this forum where players have been talking about to play wheres the gold online for free and lucky 88 is another that is quite close to this one in terms of popularity. except these two there are plenty of plenty of slot machines 4 u that can be enjoyed both online and offline for free.