Scratch n spin made my Night

It was a hectic day from office and when I returned home, I used to remember that my wife and kids are also not home. She sent me a message saying that she have to go too her mother’s. So, all the ways around it was going to be the bad night as well. I took rest for some time and then grabbed some beer from the refrigerator and switch on the television. I am telling it really was my bad day there was nothing good coming on TV too.

Then it suddenly came to my mind that I should look for some new pokie game that I used to play till few months back. And for some time I was out of it for some reason. So I decided to play a little with the free spins and just for fun and I called my office buddy to tell me some new game that I can fun with.

He texted me the name of the game on Facebook, it was called “scratch n spin”. So I decided to dig some research and read the slot review first and then see some tutorial videos on YouTube. Although, from the name it seemed like a nice game but still I thought of reading the slot reviews.

It is a one of the best Microgaming’s developed pokie game, which got three reel, single payline along with a Bonus round and a jackpot as well. After reading the reading the review I played it for hours on that night and finally slept with the satisfaction that my night didn’t go that bad.