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Intercity is the most established operator with the most departures and routes, while Nakedbus operates at a much lower cost than MegaBus in the United Kingdom. The Nakedbus has a new look 2006 with cheaper fares than Intercity on all their routes, which caused Intercity to lower some of their fares. Sometimes, NZ$1 tickets are available if you book early enough for certain routes.

All of this can be time-consuming and we haven’t even started the process to find tenants. We are pleased to offer a professional rental and property management service throughout the Auckland area, which is aimed at being both stress free and profitable for you, the property investor. Properyscouts Wellington gives you a property manager who is more invested in your property than others. We guarantee it, because we are the ones paying for it! We work hard to ensure we pick the right tenant for your rental property and effectively manage the ongoing relationship. I offer an Auckland wide professional casual letting service for all private Landlords. We are an independent, owner-operated company. From Takapuna to Brown’s Bay, Albany, and north to Hibiscus Coast, property managing is all that we do.

forms part of the FIA Rally Championship calendar and is a must-see for car lovers. Christchurch buskers festival takes place in January and is a fun, family orientated festival in which the best street performers from all over the world entertain in the parks and town squares. Scenic Drives – Drive along the West Coast of South Island from Nelson through Queenstown to see some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

Anything to do with NZ services, from vehicle repairs to picking Kiwifruit. Get anything done from cleaning to repairing, building, transporting, teaching and more… Anyone who is interested in Beach Rentals services is highly recommended. Dealing with them is always professional, positive and enjoyable in all aspects.

Be careful with any food you eat while traveling. Many people have been fined for failing to declare fruit they were given in an in-flight meal. If you are unsure it is best to declare any questionable items as the immigration officers will be able to tell you if it needs to be cleaned or disposed of before entry. Some items, such as wooden souvenirs, may be allowed. However, they must be sterilized or fumigated before being released to the public. Dunedin is the country’s fifth largest city, located on the south east coast of South Island.

Although not glamorous, cities like Auckland and Wellington have strong aesthetic appeal that is supported by the surrounding landscape. Every town has its own unique character, which is dependent on its past. Locations around the country have been used by many film makers to portray other countries around the world. NZ’s life style isn’t limited to big cities. It’s also rural and outdoors.

A prepaid sim card connection pack with $10 credit from Telecom and Vodafone costs $30, while prepaid sim cards from 2degrees are $10. You can get a 2degrees sim-card free of charge on the SkyBus service between Auckland Airport and the CBD. Telecom offers greater coverage in remote areas than 2degrees and Vodafone. British diplomatic posts charge PS50 for processing a New Zealand visa request and an additional PS70 if Immigration New Zealand requires that the visa application be referred to them. Immigration New Zealand can also decide to charge an additional fee if they correspond with you directly. Three times daily, the Stewart Island Experience Ferry runs between Bluff on South Island and Oban on Stewart Island.

When out in the sun, use a high factor and make sure you drink enough water activities on hot days. Many smaller carriers from neighbouring countries serve almost all the Pacific islands, including Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji. Also carriers from South America, like Aerolineas Argentinas and Lan Chile and carriers from Asia, like Singapore Airlines, China Southern, and Korean Air are serving the country.

Casual Letting Fee

Ypou must also return a signed agreement to the tenant including an insulation statement and Healthy Homes Statement. We will reference check applicants, including 1 free credit check. Then, we will communicate all information to you, and then, with your a tenancy agreement. The provided Rental Account will send you the Rent and Bond directly.

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If we enter the property, we will notify you or arrange reasonable access for the tenant. Make any recommendations where we see things that may turn away the most desirable tenants. I am especially involved in the Hokianga region in the north island of North Island and all over the Waikato. You can also call 112, the worldwide emergency number for GSM mobile phone phones. In case of emergency, dial 111 from any phones for police, fire and ambulance services.