Starbust: The Unusual Slot

I have always been fond of watching stars and the heavenly bodies of the spaces. Even when i was just   10 years old I made my dad bring me a huge telescope to see the happening of the galaxy. The pipe of the telescope was pretty long along with the high power mirrors.

This old bond of mine with the stars and the galaxies made me attracted towards this new slot game called starburst. Actually when I first heard it in 2012 when it was launched but hearing that it does not offer any free spins and bonus I was little disappointed but because of the theme I had to give a try. But when I played the pokie I became its pretty big fan instantly here’s why.

Even though it is a ten payline pokie, one can with both ways, from the leftmost to rightmost and vice versa. Additionally it also got a wild feature that makes the wild symbol stays there for another round of spin. As far as I know this are quite an unusual and the very best feature that makes this particular slot machine different from other, that is also the reason being the success of this very game.

Talking to the jackpot, it doesn’t have progressive jackpots but only ten paylines to bet along. Which minimize the very chances of hitting a big pay-out, although the player can easily win up to 50,000 dollars, which is quite impressive?

These were the reason that made the pokie took off just after its launch and get adored by the players all over the world and by me too. Since it is a mobile slot that you can download for free on the android and ios mobile phones and can be enjoyed anywhere you want.